Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fresh bite-sized bugs in snappy

Do you remember my previous post about bite-sized bugs in snappy? Those are bugs that are small and trivial to fix. A perfect way to get involved in a project or to get your feet wet in a new programming language.

I've just noticed that there are plenty of new bugs that have been tagged  "bitesized" in Snapcraft. As before I'd like to extend my invitation to the the community to have a look and send patches, pull requests or just a ping if they are interested in fixing them.

It usually takes just a few moments to understand the bug and a few moments to come up with a fix locally. While you do that you'll learn a lot about how the project works and, perhaps, you will make your first public contribution to a free software project (I remember how the journey started for me years ago :-)

Please give it a try, you can always ping us in #snappy on Freenode with any questions.

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