Friday, May 13, 2016

snapd updated to 2.0.3

Ubuntu 16.04 has just been updated with a new release of snapd (2.0.3)

Our release manager, Michael Vogt, has prepared and pushed this release into the Ubuntu archive. You can look at the associated milestone sru-1 on Launchpad for more details.

Work is already under way on sru-2

You can find the changelog below.

   * New upstream micro release:
     - integration-tests, debian/tests: add unity snap autopkg test
     - snappy: introduce first feature flag for assumes: common-data-dir
     - timeout,snap: add YAML unmarshal function for timeout.Timeout
     - many: go into state.Retry state when unmounting a snap fails.
       (LP: #1571721, #1575399)
     - daemon,client,cmd/snap: improve output after snap
       install/refresh/remove (LP: #1574830)
     - integration-tests, debian/tests: add test for home interface
     - interfaces,overlord: support unversioned data
     - interfaces/builtin: improve the bluez interface
     - cmd: don't include the unit tests when building with go test -c
       for integration tests
     - integration-tests: teach some new trick to the fake store,
       reenable the app refresh test
     - many: move with some simplifications test snap building to
     - asserts: define type for revision related errors
     - snap/snaptest,daemon,overlord/ifacestate,overlord/snapstate: unify
       mocking snaps behind MockSnap
     - snappy: fix openSnapFile's handling of sideInfo
     - daemon: improve snap sideload form handling
     - snap: add short and long description to the man-page
       (LP: #1570280)
     - snappy: remove unused SetProperty
     - snappy: use more accurate test data
     - integration-tests: add a integration test about remove removing
       all revisions
     - overlord/snapstate: make "snap remove" remove all revisions of a
       snap (LP: #1571710)
     - integration-tests: re-enable a bunch of integration tests
     - snappy: remove unused dbus code
     - overlord/ifacestate: fix setup-profiles to use new snap revision
       for setup (LP: #1572463)
     - integration-tests: add regression test for auth bug LP:#1571491
     - client, snap: remove obsolete TypeCore which was used in the old
       SystemImage days
     - integration-tests: add apparmor test
     - cmd: don't perform type assertion when we know error to be nil
     - client: list correct snap types
     - intefaces/builtin: allow getsockname on connected x11 plugs
       (LP: #1574526)
     - daemon,overlord/snapstate: read name out of sideloaded snap early,
       improved change summary
     - overlord: keep tasks unlinked from a change hidden, prune them
     - integration-tests: snap list on fresh boot is good again
     - integration-tests: add partial term to the find test
     - integration-tests: changed default release to 16
     - integration-tests: add regression test for snaps not present after
     - integration-tests: network interface
     - integration-tests: add proxy related environment variables to
       snapd env file
     - snappy => snap
     - etc: trivial typo fix (LP:#1569892)
     - debian: remove unneeded /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/additional
       directory (LP: #1569577)

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