Friday, June 5, 2015

Tarmac-for-git status update


I sent out a quick status update for the tarmac-for-git project I'm currently working on. You can find my update in the public archive below.

(If you don't know what tarmac is, it's a thing that runs somewhere and merges approved bzr branches from

I don't want to re-iterate everything here but to give you some quick facts:
  • a working non-tarmac prototype exists
  • some important launchpad API is not yet in production
  • some hard choices have to be made if tarmac can evolve
As I would also like to use this opportunity to reach out to anyone that currently relies on tarmac. Please get in touch with me and tell me:
  1. if you use any tarmac hooks
  2. if you run post-merge tests and if so, how
  3. how do you deploy tarmac today
All of that is essential information to me. Thanks

PS: you can get the prototype here

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