Sunday, March 15, 2015


So you've probably seen my earlier post asking for data contributions.

This quick post is a follow-up to that, to say Thank You to everyone that contributed data, shared my post or replied with useful feedback

This is just the beginning of the nascent project I've called Lantern. I have a few extra tools in the works and I will describe them properly when I'm ready. The culmination of this process will be an attempt to determine:
  • If the kernel interface works
  • If brigthness==0 is "dim but visible" or totally off
  • If brigthness control via hardware keys is reflected in what the kernel sees
  • If brigthness control via software is confusing the firmware (when manipulated by the hardware keys)
  • If X and vt* are behaving differently (most of the time that is the case)
In the end the results might impact the Ubuntu certification process (which is what I do at Canonical). I will share all the tools I've made and data I've collected.

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